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I’ve talked about it before on my blog – while I was away working on ships I became intrigued by workouts we saw other crew members doing in the gym while staring at their computers. Turns out they were doing P90X and it looked impossible to little old me as I gasped my way along on the treadmill, desperately chasing something that resembled “fitness”.

Before long, Greg and I were also puffing along with Tony and his cohorts, and I discovered I really liked it! Sure it was difficult (Kenpo made me cry the first time I did it. What can I say, I was hungry and the combinations were confusing) but it was a good difficult. I kept track of everything on my worksheets and was proud of my progress. Kenpo even became my favourite workout!

We dipped our toe into Insanity, P90X2 and P90X3, too and liked them all.

Then it dawned on me. These were all BeachBody workouts. BeachBody was a thing. A thing that I should really look more into…

And so because I came to the workouts organically, discovered the effectiveness and joy in them without anyone’s influence, I knew that I really, truly could stand behind them. I’ve recommended them to others ad nauseum frankly…

For that reason, I’ve taken the natural leap to BeachBody Coach. If you would like to take the BeachBody Challenge to improve your health (and maybe even win some money) then contact me for details!

I’m currently doing the 21 Day Fix and I’ll do a thorough review of the program and Shakeology when I’m done.


Every month, I’ll update this page with the current Challenge Packs that are discounted.

November’s Challenge Pack Offering has two different options, including one never before available!

Offering 1: The PiYo Challenge Pack for one of the hottest new workouts to come on the scene, PiYo, is on sale this month. $140 US ($154 Canadian) gets you 30 days of Shakeology, the complete PiYo workout plus an exclusive, bonus PiYo workout available only through a coach, and my support as your coach to help keep you accountable as you continue on your journey. That’s a $70 savings over buying each part of the package separately, and a $20 savings on the regular price of the Challenge Pack.

Offering 2: BRAND NEW PiYo Kickstart Challenge Pack* You’ll receive PiYo (including the bonus workout), 30 days of Shakeology, my support as your coach, AND the 3 Day Refresh, a 3 day reboot for your system to get you cleansed up and off on the right foot. This package has never been offered before, and is a $95 savings over buying each element individually.

These packages are available for November only.

So take your pick, and head into the Holiday Season with a plan!
(*Kickstart Challenge Pack not available in Canada.)

To order PiYo Challenge Pack (US) click here.
To order PiYo KICKSTART Challenge Pack (US), click here.
To order PiYo Challenge Pack (Canadian), click here. 


PiYo Use your Body

Every so often I’ll be posting a challenge group to join here and on social media so keep your eyes peeled!


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