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Gearing up for Goofy

Well, here we go! I’m heading into the final two races in my racing “season”, and they’re doozies. I’m running the back-to-back Goofy Challenge at Walt Disney World, which means for the next 2 mornings I’ll get up at 3:00AM and head to the EPCOT parking lots to start running a half marathon (Saturday) and…

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I Run on Water has Moved!

Don’t forget to point your handy browsers, bookmarks and whatnot to our brand new location at It’s a new look for the blog, not to mention a brand spanking new podcast for your listening pleasure. Imagine, I Run on Water in your EARS! Look for us on iTunes.

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11 Seconds

As a subscriber to the McMillan Training Plans, and a fan of their website, I receive their regular email newsletters. They’re usually a goldmine of information from coaches and athletes, little sparks of inspiration to spur you along in your training. Sometimes I skim, sometimes I read more in depth, but I always pay attention.…

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