The Bibs are coming!

Hey folks, just a quick update about the race and bibs etc. I had intended to get them out on Monday, but I got whacked with a mean virus last week so I fell behind in my schedule. So sorry, gang! I’ll get them worked up Thursday afternoon, so look for them shortly after. Back…

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Gearing up for Goofy

Well, here we go! I’m heading into the final two races in my racing “season”, and they’re doozies. I’m running the back-to-back Goofy Challenge at Walt Disney World, which means for the next 2 mornings I’ll get up at 3:00AM and head to the EPCOT parking lots to start running a half marathon (Saturday) and…

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I Run on Water has Moved!

Don’t forget to point your handy browsers, bookmarks and whatnot to our brand new location at It’s a new look for the blog, not to mention a brand spanking new podcast for your listening pleasure. Imagine, I Run on Water in your EARS! Look for us on iTunes.

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Check out the new I Run on Water

That’s right, we are moving! If you haven’t checked out yet, what are you waiting for? We are still in the process of migrating over, but be sure to bookmark the new URL for all your running on water needs – including our new podcast! We’re still (for a few more hours) running a…

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