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Getting away from the negativity of my last post… One thing I do really like about living and working on a ship (aside from the good fortune of being a working actor) is the fact that every once in a while you get a totally clean slate.

Every week, we get a whole new batch of passengers to whom we get to introduce our shows and our selves. That’s fun. I love seeing the repeat customer base grow every night.

Every so often, staff on the ship shifts around so grumpy people who need some time off get a chance to go home and recharge.

So GRUMPY! photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc
photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc

And even more rare is the repositioning cruise, which was last week. The ultimate reset. The whole schedule changes and suddenly you’re seeing new places, doing different things on different nights… I love a “repo”. Especially when that repo takes us to Bermuda.

When we go to Bermuda, we park for 3 days, and life is normal again. We can be on land after dark! Granted, we’re doing shows every night, but still, I’ll take it.

What’s more important to me is that I can be free of the treadmill for a few days and if I organize my time right (aka, get to bed right away after a show that runs until midnight – Z-Quil, don’t fail me now.), I can do my long runs along the beautiful trails and (sometimes scary) roads of Bermuda. My training plan only has me going between 8 – 12 miles during the next couple of months, and I’m already picturing my route and smiling. Dockyards to Somerset, here I come!

Greg’s already agreed to run up to 10 miles with me during my training which I’m grateful for. As much as I’m so not worried about my personal safety in Bermuda, I am a little wary of the left-side drivers and loonie-toon tourists on rented scooters on those windy, blind curves Bermuda loves so much.

Our first week we spent revisiting favorite old haunts and getting ourselves reacclimatized to the lay of the land.

We took the ferry to Hamilton, bought 3 month’s worth of transportation passes, stopped at Marks and Spencer for some delightful Percy Pigs, went to St. George’s for breakfast at our favourite cafe and played a round of Fun Golf at a really awesome course.

fun golf 2

Greg beat me by one stroke. ONE!

fun golf

Three solid days of ‘welcome back to the island’ and feeling out our schedule. I loved every minute of it.

What do you do to get out of a rut?


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  1. Oh wow. Yea, be careful on those Bermuda roads, or any other island you happen to run on. I remember some of the islands I’ve been to…crazy driving! Yep, sometimes a reboot is good. For me, Spring has FINALLY started here, so my laundry list of tasks over the next few months has begun. Something about the Spring that gets me to start anew on several different areas…from house projects, to eating better, to running more, etc etc.

    • Thankfully there are no rental cars on Bermuda, so the only crazy drivers are the locals. That said, there aren’t sidewalks (or shoulders) to speak of. It gets interesting!

      I love a good spring tinker project – flinging those windows open and starting something fresh!

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