How do you “Normalize”?

Today marks the end of Week 4 on our ship. We’ll be here until the end of July, and I’m starting to get antsy about my fitness. Could be because I’m feeling my show pants start to snug up a bit – that weight I lost thanks to My Fit Foods seems to have snuck back up on me. It’s no surprise after 3 weeks of sodium laden, oil-bathed ship food, schedule upheaval and next to no gym time. It was kind of inevitable.

I was a panelist on an entertainer’s Q&A with guests recently, and an excellent question came up – “How do you normalize while you’re on the ship”.

It’s a question I’ve been struggling with all week. We’re constantly surrounded by people on vacation, having the time of their lives, and we’re an integral part of that – providing entertainment and interacting with guests after shows. But on this ship doing 11 shows a week, our schedule is much more intense than what we’ve encountered in the past.

The last three weeks, I’ve been trying to figure out exactly how to “normalize”. My answer was that the best thing to do was consciously remove yourself from the vacation mentality and create a schedule. To that end, we’ve bought a calendar for our room, and now we have to fill it in with the various workouts we’ll be doing. But what will those workouts be?

The gym has a different set up from what we’re used to – the room where the trainers host classes tends to be understandably locked when not being used for those classes (lest guests help themselves to the TRX bands and land on their heads, I’m assuming) and the crew gym is well equipped, but doesn’t have room for us to do the standard jumping around we’ll need to be doing.

Last week, we discovered that the theatre space where we do our shows might be a good stop-gap. Four of us did a quick yoga session in there, trying to ignore the developing bruises on our knees and elbows thanks to the cement floor (we bought some softer yoga mats last Sunday as a result). Since then, it’s been host to a Plyometrics, Kenpo and more Yoga.

It’s tough, though. The longer I go without a schedule, the harder it is to imagine implementing one. The harder it is to imagine waking up at 9:00 after shows that go to midnight 3 days a week, and which lead to back-slapping good times at the nearest watering hole and beyond.

We discovered at the end of last week that;

  1. I’m not as young as I used to be
  2. 11 shows a week is hard on the voice
  3. Buying rounds gets very expensive

This week is “New Start Week”.

We bought a snazzy calendar for our wall, because I like to have a visual reminder of days passing and work accomplished. Being able to cross things off satisfies some sick teacher’s pet in me.

This is how it looks so far:


So much for “Vacation Mentality”!

How do you adjust to new environments?


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