Have you heard about Blog School?

Sometimes, as a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I get the low-down on some great products and services I might not normally have encountered in my day to day (port to port) existence. Frankly, my online time is limited when I’m working, and so I have to use whatever tools I have at my disposal to make the most of it.

Enter Blog School.


I was referred to this amazing service/school/totally enlightening experience by a fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador who had already gone through Blog School.

I admit, I was apprehensive. I mean, who wouldn’t be nervous handing over a stack of cash to a person they’d never met for a service they weren’t sure they needed? But, I did need it. I knew I needed it. Whatever it was. Need. Because, let’s be honest. Blogging isn’t exactly intuitive.

Or at least blogging ”successfully” isn’t exactly intuitive. There are times when you feel like you’re just typing words into a vacuum.

Blog School helped me figure out what my goals were for my blog. Who I wanted to reach. How I needed to reach them.

It is also giving me the tools I need to start to grow my blog using things I’d never heard of – like SEO and keywords. What? I KNOW!

I totally appreciate the fact that I’ve been able to work through the modules at my own pace – skipping things that I either can’t handle at the moment  (that darn ‘limited internet access’, again) or may not currently apply to my blog (such as things specific to self-hosted blogs) but will apply in the future. You see, you’ve got 24/7, unlimited access to the modules. I can go back to review things, or apply them well after I’ve “finished” Blog School (hint: I don’t know if you ever really finish Blog School – there’s always something to learn!)

I’m still learning and growing, but I’ll tell you one thing – I am a hell of a lot better off thanks to the guidance and expertise of Rita Barry and her Blog School!

You can get a taste of what Blog School and Rita have to offer by signing up for a free, three part training series. If you love it, sign up for the whole enchilada (spoiler alert: you’ll love it).

This special promotion will be delivered the week of March 24-28, 2014, one lesson each on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of that week, so get yourself signed up, sharpen those digital pencils and get yourself excited!

PLUS! If you sign up for either the Basic or the Intensive Blog School Classes using my affiliate link, you’ll receive a very special Back to School gift from I Run on Water.

Get out there and do it! Change your Blog for the Better!

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    • For sure! At least get signed up to try out the 3 freebie lessons and go from there.
      When I signed up, I’d recently moved over to WordPress from Blogger and I was a little overwhelmed, too.
      I will be using the information I’ve learned for years to come.

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