Month: March 2014

Back at Sea

After two weeks in Chicago rehearsing our new shows, I’m finally back to Running on Water. We’ve joined our new ship, and after a whirlwind week of more rehearsal, installing new technical cues (and finding our way around a new, bigger ship) we’ve finally opened all our shows. We’ve had a great time putting these…

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Friday Review: My Fit Foods

I mean, we’re leaving Chicago so early on Sunday that it’s practically Saturday, and while we’ve had some fun and seen some friends, it’s never, ever enough. This two-week rehearsal period, while rewarding, has left many of us with a “viral cold” (according the the Walgreens Walk In Clinic Nurse that we’ve all seen) that…

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Running for Fun

People do it, you know. Run, for fun. I know, I know. Sounds unlikely and perverse, but it’s true. I wouldn’t yet classify myself as one of those people, but today I did something I’ve never done before. I finished my first day of rehearsals here in Chicago (Did I mention I travelled to Chicago…

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