How to get the Special Edition @NBRunning shoes at @runDisney #Princess Half Weekend

Never let it be said that runDisney doesn’t listen to it’s fans.

When people bemoaned their inability to get the special edition Dooney and Bourke bags thanks to the grab-fest that took place at the expos; the elbow flying buying frenzy (followed by extortion-like pricing on eBay after the fact) encouraged runDisney to offer pre-sales for the bags. Now you can buy your choice of purse right alongside your registration for your race registration, breakfast tickets, Pasta in the Park party, ChEAR squad tickets, Race Retreat… yes, they make it so easy for you to spend your race dollars!

Now that extends to the special edition runDisney New Balance running shoes – there has been some internet rumbling about what runDisney *should* do about these beauties. People have been upset at not having a chance to purchase the shoes they want, (in part because some folks have bought more than they need and put the extras up on eBay).

Theories include – limiting the number of shoes you can buy (Done. You’re limited to 4 pairs.) and only allowing registered runners for that weekend’s race an opportunity to buy the shoes (A non-starter. Too many reasons why this doesn’t make sense.)

But runDisney and New Balance have come up with the next best thing. If you have a bib for a Princess Half Marathon weekend race, you have a new opportunity:

New Balance Virtual Queue

Starting at 6AM every day of the expo, you can enter your bib number to snag a spot in the virtual queue, or as New Balance puts it:

We want to help you get ready for the Princess Half Marathon Weekend, so you can make the most of your time at the Walt Disney World® Resort.

Runners, you get a head start. This year, you can enter your bib number to sign up early to try on or purchase exclusive runDisney shoes. The early bird gets the kicks—you can sign up at 6 AM each day to beat the crowds.

When you receive your call back text/email and arrive at the expo, head over to the New Balance Check-In Tent to try on or purchase our limited edition runDisney shoes. To minimize waiting in line, we’ve created a queue that lets you know when it’s your turn in line.

Get in and out, without waiting around. And remember to come back to at 6 AM during the expo to sign up. The expo starts Thursday, 2/20.

We at New Balance want to put a little magic in this Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend.

*Due to demand, we anticipate the possibility of limited inventory. Inventory will be updated daily at

** New Balance reserves the right to alter this virtual queue process, or try on process, depending on changing circumstances throughout event weekend. Please check for daily updated information.

There’s even a cool little treasure map:
So there you have it – runners get first crack at the shoes of their dreams! Good luck, everyone!

Are you planning on getting the New Balance runDisney shoes?


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  1. It’s a good idea. When I saw the notice, I was relieved that NB and Run Disney have attempted to give runners first dibs. Did they raise the limit to 4? For some reason, I thought it was only 2 before. (adult size). Could be wrong. There was no way we had a chance at WDW to get our shoes. Tink was much easier, however, they did sell out of a lot of sizes the day we registered for the appointment. I just lucked out that they had my size in the Goofy edition. Minnie as well, was going fast. I will say, I really like the shoes. I’ve worn them on my treadmill for a 10k. Not sure if I’d wear them for longer races as I’m so used to my Saucony shoes, but glad I got them. And no, they won’t be on Ebay! 😉

    • I genuinely don’t have a huge problem with people buying the shoes and selling them – it’s a free country – but this probably makes things feel more equitable for those who are put out.
      I’d like to try on the Goofy shoes, they’re pretty bad-ass looking. I like the colour of the Cinderella one, but I am still not 100% sold on being an adult with princesses on my shoes…

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