Planning to buy @NBRunning @runDisney shoes at #WDWMarathon Weekend?

Here’s what you need to know, from the runDisney blog:

Source: runDisney Blog
Source: runDisney Blog

Looks like they’ve made it as easy, and as stress-free as possible. That said, anticipate long lines to set the reservations and plan accordingly.

Meanwhile, here’s another look at those beauties.

You can get another great look at the New Balance runDisney shoes at Competitor Magazine.

I’ve got to say, I’m really digging the men’s Goofy design. The colour on the Cinderella shoes is good, but I’m not sure as a grown-ass woman that I could justify wearing Cinderella on my heel, and the ribbon shoelaces, while cute, just seem so impractical and off-the-mark for a runner. I get that they come with a second pair of laces, but the whole thing just reads “not really for running” to me. I mean, those ribbon “laces” would come loose in a second, your shoe could go flying off… oh I get it now, it’s a theme shoe. You’re supposed to lose your shoe and Prince Charming will find it for you and you’ll live happily ever after!

Maybe I’m just grouchy today because I’m patiently waiting for runDisney to announce their WDW Marathon Weekend Meetup on Twitter, and they keep tweeting about these shoes.

They’re very nice shoes. I hope if you like them that you get them with minimal inconvenience and distress.

Will you be buying the New Balance runDisney special edition shoes?




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  1. Kari wears 860s so it’s easy to justify the purchase if he wants to run around in sorcerer shoes. I on the other hand, like the Goofy ones but hard for me to buy when it’s not my brand. I agree about the ribbons. If I was in high school and this was 1988, I’d probably say, “that’s just gay!”

    I must be watching too much Doctor Who.

    No WDW meetup announced yet I’m afraid. Perhaps tomorrow morning.

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