Happy New Year!

Bring on 2014!
Bring on 2014!


Welcome to the last day of 2013. I hope the year was good to you.

It was a hit and miss year for me, the worst point of which was losing our dearly loved Scooter in July. He was the best dog I could have hoped for. When we met in 2001, little did I know we’d have such ups and downs or that he would beat cancer twice. His treatment may have set back our debt payoff plans, but the extra 3 years we got with him were worth every penny. I still miss him every day, especially at breakfast when I have no one to clean out my yogurt cups or finish my cereal milk. Thanks for the laughs, buddy.

Always Ready for Cookies
Always Ready for Cookies

I had some pretty generic goals for the year – lose weight, run faster and more – but nothing more specific than that. I think I was afraid to set a distance or a goal number in case I “failed”.

I started Weight Watchers just after Christmas last year, lost around 10 pounds but had to stop when we went on our ship contracts. Well, I’m pleased to announce that when I rejoined WW just before Christmas this year (yup, signed up before Christmas goodie season because I’m bad like that) I weighed less than I did when I stopped going in February. So, mission accomplished. I actually finished ship contracts weighing less than when I started!

Run faster? Well, I set a half marathon PR this year of 2:46. I was shooting for 2:45, but I’ll take it. My average pace goes up and down depending on if I’m coming back from an injury, but I got to a pretty consistent 12mm which is definitely faster than 2012. I know I can do better. When I’m cross training (thanks, P90X) I get even faster.

I am not a Hobo.
I am not a Hobo.

I also took a post-race shower in a sink. So that’s been a highlight.

I wish everyone a safe and healthy night. Enjoy the festivities. We had considered a local 5K midnight run, but then had a look at the -21 Celcius weather reports and decided that a daytime run would better suit us. Hey, 4 more miles and I’ll hit 300 miles for the year. That’s more than last year!

Pseudo-goals all accomplished!

Happy New Year!

Are you doing a Resolution Run, Polar Bear Dash or just Partying Hearty?


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