Month: November 2013

Black Friday for Runners

It’s that time of year again. People are gathering together with their loved ones, endlessly putting food in their face-holes and gazing vacantly at football games to avoid facing the awkward dysfunction that is their family dynamic. Nah, Thanksgiving’s great! But let’s talk turkey. Black Friday Sales. This is the first time we’ll actually be…

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Finding my Mojo

I’m trying really hard to get excited about the Space Coast Marathon this weekend, but it’s not quite taking. I feel like my training is a total fail, and therefore actually crossing the finish line is in question for me. I mean, my longest run was 15 miles. I should be proud of that number,…

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Why Treadmills ROCK

Are you one of those people who hate running on a treadmill? Do you call it the “Dreadmill”? Would you rather cut off your own feet than be placed on that belt of doom? Trust me, I get it. Sure, The Beast may (or may not) have a TV on it to distract you from…

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