How to Dress for the @NiagaraMarathon

Ah, fall races. As the temperature breaks away from oppressively hot and glaringly sunny, we welcome the cooler temperatures, slightly overcast skies, and beautiful foliage to our race days. (And the smell. Who can beat the fall smell?)

But, much like how people completely and utterly forget how to drive in the snow when winter finally does drop some of the white stuff our way, it’s easy after a long, hot summer, to forget how to dress for “not hot”.

For example: I want to wear my new Sparkle Skirt. I prefer to run in tank tops, but there’s a long sleeve shirt I’d like to wear. Will I be warm enough in a skirt and a long sleeve shirt? Too warm? Will I need a jacket, too?

Enter the endlessly helpful resource that is Runners World magazine online. They have a page that helps you figure out what you should wear come race day, given several variables.


So I made my way once again to (What? I know I checked yesterday, too. That’s not obsessive.) to check the temperature once again:

To be fair, it said 40% chance of rain earlier this morning, so...
To be fair, it said 40% chance of rain earlier this morning, so…

I punch in my details on the Runner’s World website (Gender, Temperature, Conditions, Wind, Time of Day, Intensity and Feel) and I come up with my recommended attire:


So it sounds like I’m all set! I will, of course, be bringing a throw-away layer for the start corral, but I think my outfit is all determined.

And tomorrow, all will be revealed! Plus, packing tips!

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What will you be wearing on Race Day?


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