September Goal Review aka Cabin Fever

I had some pretty lofty goals for September. Some carry-over goals from August that I thought I could try to improve upon. Oh, September was going to be glorious!

I was going to count my calories, stick with my training plan, eat less sugar and lose 5 pounds. Cue the Disney-esque theme music and friendly talking animals.

So how did I do?

To say it was an unmitigated disaster might be a slight exaggeration. But only slightly.

Can I just say, counting calories is a time consuming drag? We load up at the buffet, and then I sit down and try to figure out what everything is, and how much of it is on my plate and then I eat my now-cold food. Add to that, feeling like a rude dork doing it while people are trying to have a conversation with me. I think someone needs to come up with an App where you can just take a photo of your plate and it adds up the calories for you. Science-guys, get on that.

My injured foot (which I Google-diagnosed as Plantar Faciitis) still hurts daily, and I have been resting it for the last few weeks. Ice, rolling and rest have all done their share in alleviating the pain, but I’m still left wondering if running on it would make the actual injury worse, or if it would just be a pain issue that I could manage. I’ve done a handful of P90X workouts, we did a very strenuous hike and we’ve done a lot of walking around, so I’ve not been totally sedentary, but I feel out of sorts. Adrift. Lost, physical fitness-wise.

Less sugar? Fail. I can’t even. I just don’t know… I thought I was doing something good by having soy lattes instead of milk lately, and I never put sweetener in a latte – well come to find our the ship’s coffee bar has pre-sweetened soy mix for the lattes. I mean, come on!

And how did that effort to lose 5 pounds go? Re-read the above, and make your own prediction. Let’s just say I’m up, and leave it there.

So. September was a disaster. Ugh – what a downer! Here’s something nice to look at.

Adieu, Glaciers!
Adieu, Glaciers!

It also happened to be a month of change and upheaval to our routine. We had our last trips to Alaska, which led us to frequent our favorite restaurants more than usual. Our schedule was turned on its head as a result. Days where we’d normally work out and then take less time ashore turned into no workouts, more time ashore. To eat. I could see this pattern heading my way like a freight train, and somehow I was powerless to stop it. We tried to make some of our time less food focussed (thus the hikes, and a trip to see the long-running “Days of 98” in Skagway), but still. There I was, fork in hand. I’m disappointed in myself. Greg encourages me not to beat myself up, but I feel like I should be beating myself up a little. I mean, I’m in control of my actions (or at least I should be) and I’m the one who ignored my goals in favor of what was easy and right in front of me. If I keep forgiving myself for those faults, will I ever move past them? I’m better than that (I hope).

So September is a big, fat fail. Ok. October is a new month. We’re repositioning to a new itinerary. One with a lot of beaches and tropical climates. And guess what? I’m not a beach person. We’re going to make some changes.

I’ve always been interested in trying to follow a more clearly defined diet plan – one of those “eat every 3 hours” kinds of deals, and fortunately, Greg’s decided recently that he wants to try it – so we’re going to use the 2 week repositioning cruise from LA to Miami for that. Two-a-day workouts and a solid eating plan. I plan to take back this lost ground. Our friends have already told us we’re going to be really annoying those 2 weeks.

And you know what? That is my goal for October (to accomplish that 2 weeks routine, not to be annoying. It’s just luck that they go hand in hand). I also want to PR my Toronto Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon 5K and my Niagara Falls International Marathon Half Marathon, but I’m going to take those races as they come. My foot will tell me what I’m supposed to do there, because in the long run, getting to Space Coast Marathon in December and the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge (plus 10K) in January healthy has to set the pace for the rest of my fall.

And in the end, isn’t it always about the Long Run?

How do you make sure your goals are realistic?


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I am an actor/writer/director based in Chicago, IL.

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  1. Growing up, I’ve never been a skinny minnie so I’ve had to watch my eating habits my whole life. Counting calories, or other diets have never worked for me because these programs are far too limited and I’d find myself putting on more weight. I’ll put too much pressure on myself, pass a cookie, and it was all down hill from there. Nowadays, I just stick to whole foods, stay away from processed as much as possible and allow myself the treats on an occasional basis.

    It’s funny. Since training for Dopey, I haven’t lost any weight. However, my clothes are much looser and I’ve dropped one belt buckle notch in the past month. I can even fit in a pair of jeans, I haven’t worn since 2011. Has the scale dropped? Not a bit! I’m good with that.

    I was thinking about your foot. Have you tried running IN the water as opposed to on it? 😉

    I’ve read several articles over the years that this method can really help and benefit runners. You will get the cardio/simulating the running in the water, however, not the impact on your foot.

  2. Eating at home definitely makes things easier, I’m also a big proponent of whole foods and avoiding processed stuff.
    I do well with checklists, though. Weight Watchers was a good program for me because it helped me figure out small goals and i could work in my ‘treats’.
    The buffet is hard.” What the heck is in THAT?” is a common question for me. I’m getting there, though. We’ve done well with small, frequent meals so far.

    As far as running IN water, that’s not a bad idea. I may have to break out my bathing suit and see if there’s a beach or pool that will suit that need.

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