Glacier Bay National Park

Well, since I’ve been spending so much time icing my heel (September recap to come), I figure what better theme for today’s post than ICE?

Every week while we’ve been in Alaska we’ve had the opportunity to visit the amazingly beautiful Glacier Bay National Park and drift alongside stunning glaciers and soaring mountains. I can’t be sarcastic or funny about this park, because it is truly one of my favourite places on the planet.

We were very lucky this week. We got to go deep into John Hopkins Inlet to the John Hopkins Glacier – I’d say well within a mile of the actual glacier itself. Throughout the regular season, the sea lions use the inlet as a mating and nursery ground, so ships aren’t allowed, but this week we were in the clear and we got an incredible experience alongside the mile wide glacier.

Words like “soaring” or “majestic” don’t even do it justice.

We don’t actually leave the ship in the park, but we do get to see wildlife – we bought binoculars this year, and our first time trying them out in the park we saw a bear. We see humpback whales and sea otters every time we’re there.

photo copy
Grand Pacific Glacier

Glacier Bay

John Hopkins Glacier
John Hopkins Glacier

I’m sad that we’re leaving Alaska this week. I’ll miss the rugged beauty, the challenging landscape (hello hilly long runs!) and most especially I’ll miss the air. The air up here on a whole other level. When we sailed away from Skagway one night, we went out on deck and the whole world smelled like a pine forest. It was like Christmas times a thousand.

We begin our trek southward. Victoria, BC tomorrow, per usual, and then Vancouver on Sunday. From there, Astoria, OR, San Francisco, CA, Long Beach, CA and beyond (aka Mexico + Panama Canal).

September recap to come. Spoiler alert: not good!

Where is your favourite place on earth?


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