Two Days Left – Enter to be #PoweredByBits

I wrote a while ago about my inability to be an adult and take the very pricy “Ultra Mega” Vitamin packs I bought from GNC. I wanted to take them, I really did. But every time I opened the little foil packet of pills, I would gag like a child.

Ultimately, it was the stinky B vitamins that did me in. I virtually begged the GNC guy to tell me that they had anything that didn’t smell so awful but we came up empty handed.

So imagine my happiness when I learned how ENERGYbits are chock-full of Vitamin B (among others)! I’m learning something new every day about how Spirulina is an amazing super-food, and this is just the latest in my surprise and delight.

ENERGYbits Vitamin B


You’ve got two days left to enter my ENERGYbits giveaway to try these little beauties for yourself.

And don’t forget – when you order from ENERGYbits, if you use my special code for my special readers, you get 30% off your whole order! (for a limited time)

What could be better?


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