Another Temptation

Last year, I happened to be home for the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon, and although I was on a self-imposed race ban, I decided to volunteer for the expo and the race. I left that race day hoping to run in the weekend’s events “some day”.

The ship contract we booked for this fall had us away from home, however, when the Scotiabank Marathon rolls around again this October, and so I tucked that “some day” away for another year.

That is, until we learned about a short, mid-contract break that occurred in late October. The dates originally didn’t line up for the Toronto Marathon weekend, and so I excitedly planned a trip to Niagara Falls instead to run the Half Marathon as part of their International Marathon Weekend. I love a destination race, I love Niagara Falls, I love a downhill stretch at the end of a course. Go Niagara!

I am so excited about this race! Sweet, sweet vindication!

All of this being said, we recently learned of an adjustment to the dates of our break. And so the temptation bubbles anew.

Flat – Fast – Festive
The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Mantra

I will be home for the Toronto race. It is the Sunday before the Niagara Race.

Am I one of those people who runs two half marathons on consecutive weekends?

Am I strong enough to do that? Will my legs forgive me if I try?

I really want to try, but is it a good idea? Should I be more careful during the training for my December Marathon and January Goofy + 10K attempt?

Or should I save my “home” race for another year, and just focus on getting a solid time for the Niagara Half – a time that may bump up my corral placement for Goofy and be my vindication for missing out on my planned PR in Chicago (darn heat!)

Or do I do it the other way around, and run Toronto hard and run Niagara for fun with my sister?

I would qualify for the Half Fanatics if I did it.

This is where a trainer would come in handy.

What would you do?

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I am an actor/writer/director based in Chicago, IL.

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  1. While I definitely see the temptation, don’t do it. Stick with the half in Niagara and run a solid race with rested legs to beat your PR. As well, you also have a full in December right? Then Goofy? And all that training in between? I think that’s plenty. Save Scotia for another year. It won’t be going anywhere soon.

    • I’m so glad you said this. It makes total sense when you stand back and look at the big picture.
      You’re absolutely right. I can run Toronto another year (I mean, we live there).

      That said… there’s nothing wrong with doing a little old 5K instead of the half marathon. I mean, that’s just a little conditioning run… 🙂

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