9 Miles in Skagway #PoweredByBits!

This week, Greg and I decided to take our long run outdoors since we have 9 miles planned. Which is not to say that I don’t relish the idea of running 9 miles on a treadmill.

Oh wait, yes, that is exactly what I want to say. Yawnsville! Especially when the beauty of Alaska beckons!

We geared up, I took my ENERGYbits and we headed out onto the streets of Skagway, Alaska. It took us a few minutes to get organized at first – had to let our Garmins locate their satellite, get our Zombies, Run! apps synched up (we decided to do the 5K ‘race’ followed by the 10K ‘race’ today)  – but we eventually got set.

We decided to run through the downtown residential area to warm up a bit, and then headed our way out to the train-yard and the city’s Gold Rush cemetery where the town’s villain, Soapy Smith, is buried (where town hero, Frank Reid is also buried, himself a victim of the shootout that felled Soapy).

On the way to the cemetery, we encountered this:

The little engines that could.
The little engines that could.

After that, it was time to get serious. We headed farther out of town, crossed the river, and made our way to Dyea Road. Or, as I will always call it: “Uphill Road”. Because the whole thing was uphill.

We managed to keep a respectable pace (for me) considering the up-hilliness of the terrain, and that it was supposed to be a Long Slow Run day, anyway. After a while, we came to a scenic vista:


I’m just glad to have made it this far:

me and vista

We turned around just past 5 miles into our run, when Dyea Road ran out of asphalt. Downhill was fun. Fast, and a little scary after a while, but still. Fun.

We made our way back to town, walked out the last bit of our 10K Zombies, Run! race, and promptly shared a protein smoothie and a turkey sandwich from Glacial Smoothies before succumbing to the natural pull of Sugar Mama’s siren cupcake call. So worth it.

It was a great, fun, beautiful run. Like in Bermuda, we appreciated our port in a whole new way when we ran it. We went places we never would have gone, had we not laced up. Just another reason to love running when you travel.

I also used ENERGYbits exclusively for fuel on this run, and loved it! I had no trouble with fatigue, stomach discomfort or hunger. It was amazing. I am not a hill person. Without my ENERGYbits, I’m not sure I could have motored up the hill with the (relative) ease that I did. I’m so happy I found them. Between this, and the fact that since I’ve been taking them daily my blood sugar hasn’t been a problem, and I feel like a normal person for a change, I can say, without exaggeration, that they have been life-changing for me. No joke.

There are 4 more days in my ENERGYbits giveaway, so you can try them for yourself. Just enter by going to my Facebook Page

And there’s still time to get 30% off everything you order from ENERGYbits by using the discount code IRunonWater when you checkout.  30%! That’s huge!

I’d love to share the Garmin map of my run with you, the way I used to be able to on my blogger page, but for some reason I can’t do that on my WordPress page. Or if I can, I sure can’t figure it out.

Either way, if you’re curious about the route, splits and elevation, go here.

ENERGYbits Running

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