Boston, still strong

Although we have walked past the sites of the Boston Marathon bombings many times in our travels through the city, running errands, finding free wifi, scarfing “non-ship” food, we had not yet taken the time yet to visit the memorial.

It never felt right to stop and spend the time when that time would be spent thinking of what we may have missed on a “to-do” list, or nervously looking at our iPhones for the time.
Today, however, it was important to me to stop.
Today is Father’s Day, and there three mourning fathers.
Today we leave Boston and go home.
One week from today is my half marathon in Chicago, where Boston will inevitably be on my mind.
As a runner and as a human, it felt important to pay respect and draw strength from this spot. Not the other spots. The sites of the explosions.
“They” chose those spots.
“We” chose this one.

Thank you, Boston.


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I am an actor/writer/director based in Chicago, IL.

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